The Efesto bookshop 

was born with the intention of becoming a cultural reference point for those who study or work in the scientific and technological fields. Located near by the scientific faculty of “Roma Tre University”, but also present at events and fairs where science and technology are protagonists. The publishing house was also started in this direction.

We deal with supplying stationery and books of various types to P.A., to Bodies and Associations.

We believe in the importance of reviewing books (especially technical ones) before buying them blindly online. As a bookshop, we offer a 360 ° service on the volumes of the various publishers, working not for a publisher but for the value of a single book. We also invite you to understand that book offers up to 50% (also on this site) always have a reason not expressly stated (out of commerce and / or out of date book, old editions, etc.).

The enthusiasm of the people who work there and of the friends who, in various capacities, help us or collaborate occasionally, it is the reason for the existence of the library. We believe in the future of books (also in electric format), as composite and publicly evailuable intellectual works.